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With Lynguo, a tool for monitoring and analysing social networks, you can identify new business opportunities, know your brand’s reputation and anticipate a possible brand crisis.


What is Lynguo?

Lynguo is a social media monitoring and analysis tool in real time that listens to what users are saying about a brand, product or a specific topic.

Lynguo allows you to monitor conversations on social networks by performing sentiment analysis, competitive intelligence analysis and influencer analysis.

It will help you identify new business opportunities, know the reputation of your brand and anticipate a possible crisis, know how you are positioned against your competition, identify the most viral content and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and many more possibilities.

This tool for analysing and monitoring social networks has over 200 KPIs, where you can find the information you need at any time. It has multiple filters with which you can perform personalized searches such as: search by word, impact, category or sentiment.

Lynguo is divided into three main applications:


Lynguo automatically extracts a sentiment analysis from the opinion, emotion or attitude that is inferred from a text.

See more about sentiment analysis


It helps you to position your brand against the competition in order to assess the strategies set out and identify points of improvement.

See more about competitive intelligence


It broadens the vision of the market sector your brand is targeting and discovers how users behave.

See more about influencer analysis

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What functionality does Lynguo have?

Lynguo has multiple features for monitoring and analysing social networks, related to your brand and to the competition:

Up to 4 dashboards

General conversation, Sentiment analysis, Competitive intelligence and Influencer analysis.

Over 200 KPIs

Sentiment, number of mentions by source, by topic, trends, virality…


Find out which content is more widely shared, commented on or having more Likes in each social network.

Users of your brand

Identify influencers, ambassadors, lovers, fans of your brand and haters.


Analyse comments on social networks in 24 languages.

Date sources

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, online media, blogs and forums.


Save all the comment history you want without limit.


Geoposition all comments.


Create, customize and export all the graphics you want to generate your own reports.

Real-time alerts

Create your own alerts and receive them as often as you wish.

Not enough features?

There are more! Learn how to configure Lynguo, analyse the conversation or generate your own graphics.

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The technology that Lynguo uses

Lynguo uses the most advanced technology so you can get results in real time.

Linguistic engine

A linguistic engine capable of accurately analysing natural language in English and Spanish via a complete morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis.


Data mining process based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and Machine Learning.


Lynguo modules are supported by Big Data containers, and Hadoop processing services.


Custom technology based in the cloud.

The team behind Lynguo is made up of data scientists, analysts and computational linguists, all with extensive experience, particularly in Natural Language Processing techniques,

Training and assessment

You have training sessions to help you get the best performance from the tool and adapt it to your needs.

Help with configuration

We can help you configure the tool if you wish. You can configure keywords and clean up noise, or we can do it for you. No need to worry!

We are on hand

Our team is on hand to help you create personalized semantic rules, as well as identify the key metrics for your business, so you can get the most out of the tool.

Equipo Lynguo

The Lynguo team of experts

Our difference is that behind Lynguo there is a team of experts available at all times to solve all your technical questions and provide all the help you need.