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What functionality does Lynguo have?

Lynguo, the monitorization and analysis of social networks tool, offers a multitude of features comprising:


Configure the Lynguo tool according to your interests, silencing users or corporate accounts.

Analyse conversations

You can analyse conversations on social networks by segmenting your audience according to words (keywords), catchphrases, hashtags, users, categories and many more search filters.

Generate your graphs

You can generate your own graphs to help you understand, improve and personalize your reports.

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Configurar Lynguo

Configure Lynguo yourself, but we can configure it for you if you prefer.

If you wish to start your analysis as soon as possible, we will help you at all times so that configuration gets easy for you and adapted to your needs.

Lynguo offers several configuration options:


Set the interests you want to monitor. You can search for comments according to the brands you want to analyse and obtain individual information in real time for each one: positive and negative comments, virality of comments, brand followers, etc.

Noise filtering

Find only the comments that suit your search by eliminating words or silencing users you are not interested in monitoring. For example, if you are analysing the market in which your product is positioned, you can remove ambiguous words from the search that are not related to the sector.

Corporate accounts

You can configure the tool to differentiate between a comment issued by an official account and by an individual account. With this simple step, you decide whether or not to include them in the analysis of the conversation.

Out of the many filters Lynguo offers, we emphasize the following three:


Rate the comments according to opinion: positive, negative or neutral. Select only those which meet your objective criteria: for example, see which products have the most positive impact or which topics arise more negativity among users, in order to improve.

Word or catchphrase

Focus your search on the words that interest you. Thanks to the application of linguistic rules and NLP techniques, just entering a keyword you will get results in all its possible variations. For example, searching for ‘buy’, you will get comments with buys, buying, bought


Segment your consumers or buyer persona. This will help you see how a marketing campaign has worked or how users value your brand according to different categories or qualities:

  • Marketing: Positive or negative sentiment in relation to a campaign.
  • Price: Opinions regarding the price of a product or service.
  • Customer service: comments on the quality of the service offered.


Analyse conversations on social networks with accuracy.

Lynguo has a large number of filters to perform a personalized search of comments and thus you are able to analyse social networks accurately, segment your target audience, view comments about your brand or interest…


Generate your own graphics with Lynguo.

Download the graphics you need to show the results analysis of the conversation and to customize your reports.

Lynguo has a large number of graphics for content and trends, sentiment analysis, data sources and analysis of users, influencers, lovers or haters, etc…

Trends evolution over time

Know the volume of mentions in a given period of time of the topic or topics that interest you.

Comparison of sentiment analysis

Compare the sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) perceived from the comments about the different brands.

Most viral content

Discover the content most shared by users.

Lynguo has specific linguistic resources for each sector, created and updated by computational linguists. You can also request customized dictionaries adapted to your needs.
Evolución temporal

Example of a Lynguo graph showing the development over time of trends

Gráfica contenido más viral

Example of a Lynguo graph showing the evolution of the most viral content

Gráfica sentimiento

Example of a Lynguo graph showing the sentiment analysis of different brands

Nube de ideas

Example of a Lynguo graph showing a cloud of ideas from a keyword.

Lynguo has a large number of filters to perform a personalized search for comments.