Digital Environment

Big Data applied to the Digital Environment

Digital transformation of companies has effected a radical change on the role of internet users. Data have become an essential asset for companies, but the key lies not only in having them, but in managing and analysing them properly to extract value and integrate the information they provide to the business strategy of a company.

The opinion about brands and their presence in digital media constitute nowadays the enterprise reputation in social networks.

Processing all this information with Social Media monitoring tools allows increasing brand awareness, generating a higher loyalty in customers, measuring online reputation, detecting crisis, trends and opinion leaders in real time.

Aware of this change, we offer solutions and services adapted to the current needs of the market and consumers.

Solutions and services

Lynguo is a social media listening and analysis tool that monitors real-time conversations associated to a particular topic. Lynguo is remarkably versatile: Sentiment Analysis, main KPIs, alerts and historical data.

With Lynguo Consultancy we perform specific studies based on the business interests of the client (events, products being launched or social events in digital media).


Social media listening and analysis tool

Lynguo consultoría

Specific studies based on the business interests of the client

Lynguo Consultancy

Data and knowledge have become a priority at enterprise level, so it is essential for any organization to know and measure information on the internet in order to be more competitive.