Customer Intelligence Environment

Big Data in the Customer Intelligence Environment

Studying consumer behaviour endeavours to meet the needs of companies to optimise and manage sales, marketing and communication processes. Nowadays, organizations have a lot of information available about their clients, gathered from many diverse sources. This has generated such a large volume of data that extracting value out of them for business has posed a great challenge for departments dealing with Business Intelligence.

Consultancy service that illustrates or predicts consumers’ behaviour


Computational Linguistics and Statistics support Automatic Text Analysis

Text analysis

Customer Intelligence Solutions (CIS)

On the basis of the information gathered about buying habits of customers, their opinions, the pages they visit or their relations, Big Data technologies would generate a global vision of the business, improve their KPIs and offer a quantifiable return.

Customer Intelligence Solutions (CIS) designs a set of solutions for commercial management conceived at IIC to:

Detect the social contagion

Know which users are more likely to adopt or abandon a brand or product. It is more likely that a client subscribes or unsubscribes from a service or purchases a product if some of their contacts or friends have already done it.

Know your client better

Gather more detailed information about the users of a brand.

Detect the client’s intention

Analyse comments in customer complaints.

Evaluate the success of a business

Predict the volume and revenue of future purchases in a particular area on the basis of geolocation information on purchases.

Perform market segmentations

Find patterns on the basis of the users’ behaviour.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."

Peter Drukers