Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission covers the full cycle of innovation: from basic research to technological advances transferred to society, also including ideas generation and study, validation, development, implementation, diffusion and commercialisation.

Our vision is the determination to innovate, specialising and exploring in depth with the ambition to obtain the experience and knowledge required to succeed every day.

Incorporating to IIC means, first, getting integrated into a ground-breaking innovation centre on data analysis and, then, taking part in a young and multidisciplinary team, interested in going on training and growing professionally, and who shares the same culture and values of responsibility and accountability.



IIC team is integrated by highly qualified professionals that make up a group of expert psychologists, psychometricians, linguists, mathematicians, physicians, information technicians and engineers expert in creating Big Data models and technologies and servicing them to our clients.

Acting as a bridge between University and enterprise, our teams combine expertise and youth, as many students carry out their internship, degree or master final projects with us under the protection of educative cooperation agreements to promote innovation.

Our team stands out for being quick at meeting requirements, flexible to adapt to the clients’ needs, curious and ready to learn.