Transforming data into value for over 30 years

We offer solutions adapted to your business needs to help you gain a competitive advantage that generates tangible benefits.

Cash management in bank branches

We develop products that support efficient decision making in financial institutions.

Transversal competencies assessment and development

We analyse the data generated on the HR departments to help you make the right strategic decisions.

Energy demand and production forecasts, and fraud detection

We use energy sector data to forecast future energy generation and detect fraud.

Our own techniques used to optimize healthcare management and patient care

We support doctors and healthcare managers to make decisions for a better healthcare service.

Consumer behaviour study

We extract value out of the data generated by consumers for an effective business management.

What can you do with your business data?

Our Data Mining and Big Data Consultancy helps you extract valuable information out of your data to offer the best solution to reduce costs, optimize processes, identify hidden opportunities, etc.

We can help you

Experts in Data Analysis and Big Data technologies

We offer solutions to make decisions based on data.


How is your business doing?

We analyse data to help you understand the current and past status of your business.

Descriptive Analytics


How will your business do?

We forecast your business behaviour analysing your data.

Predictive Analytics


What can we do for your business?

Recommendations for a more efficient business are offered according to data provided.

Prescriptive Analytics


We count on a team devoted to R&D+i and expert in Data Analysis and Machine Learning models. We develop customized solutions based on data to improve business processes.

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