Cookies Policy

1. How we use Cookies

1.1. A cookie is a file that is stored in the device (computer or smart device) of a user or client (hereinafter, the “User”) when browsing certain websites visited. Cookies are used to store and recover information about the visits made from that device. The purpose of cookies is to help improve the User experience as they allow for ease of navigation through the pages and features selected. .

1.2. The User may control the settings of the web browser to be notified or reject the installation of the cookies sent by ADIC site in the device. Disabling cookies do not prevent access to content, which will remain accessible, but be aware that it may impact on the functionality of our site.

2. Types of cookies, how they work and purpose

2.1. According to their lifetime in the device, cookies may be session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically removed when the web browser is closed. Persistent cookies are removed when their aim is achieved or when they are manually deleted.

2.2. ADIC site uses the following cookies:

  • Cookies that are strictly necessary to enable the User to move around the website (session cookies): if disabled, our content or features will not be received properly.
  • Analytical cookies that allow recognising and tracking the number of Users and their behaviour (persistent cookies): if disabled, our website will still work and the information tracked by them will not affect the use of our site.
  • Sharing cookies to send content of our website to third parties (persistent cookies): if disabled, this functionality will be blocked.


3. How to control cookies on main browsers

3.1. Usually, browser cookies may be disabled or set to be notified and have the chance to accept a particular feature or not.

3.2. Most browsers allow modifying settings for cookies. Settings can be usually found on the “Options” or “Preferences” tabs on your browser. As a guideline for the User, these are the steps to be followed to set cookies and private navigation (if applicable) on main web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.For more information, check the Microsoft Support or the browser Help.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Preferred Settings.For more information, check the Mozilla Support or the browser Help.
  • Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings.For more information, check the Google Support or the browser Help.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Security.For more information, check the Apple Support or the browser Help.

3.3. ADIC website allows specific opt-out systems. These systems may involve that an opt-out cookie is installed in your device to allow the User to disable it.

4. What happens if cookies are disabled

4.1. Some functionalities will remain disabled, as detailed in section 2.



ADIC may modify this Cookies Policy according to legal or regulation demands, or with the aim to adapt it to instructions given by the Data Protection Spanish Agency. Therefore, Users are recommended to visit it regularly.

ADIC is not responsible for the content and truthfulness of privacy policies of third parties included in this Cookies Policy.

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