HR Analytics: Tailored Studies

We design HR Analytics projects to predict, explain and optimise HR phenomena from the viewpoint of complex analytics. Knowledge and experience of the IIC team of professionals —psychologists, psychometricians and data scientists— guarantee the quality of these HR Analytics projects.

What do HR Analytics Projects involve?

The chances of obtaining valuable information from data processed by Human Resources departments have considerably increased since the incorporation of Big Data technologies. At IIC knowledge and methodology of a team of psychologists and technology and mathematics of a team of data scientists are combined to analyse a great amount of highly different types of data whose complexity requires using advanced analytics.

HR Analytics projects contribute to optimise recruitment processes, identify the variables explaining absenteeism or employee turnover, find hidden leaders in organisations, improve the organizational structure or analyse professional profiles with the highest potential.

How do we conceive HR Analytics projects?

HR Analytics projects are always carried out in close collaboration with our clients, especially at the beginning of the process, as the key questions guiding it must be identified, and search and compilation of data must be carried out.

Our methodology at IIC is based on 5 steps required to approach HR Analytics projects with the highest accuracy and aiming to the usefulness of results at any time.

  1. Identification of Key Issues to be solved
  2. Research Design
  3. Identification of Data
  4. Advanced Statistics
  5. Intelligence Automatization
HR Analytics

We also create and train Machine Learning algorithm models that may provide real-time information about every client and can be integrated into the ERP systems or DB used by the organisation.

We count on experts in HR, psychometricians, mathematicians, IT engineers, linguists, organizational analysts and experts in Big Data analysis, which allows us to face a wide variety of issues.

HR Analytics benefits

HR Analytics projects provide:

Increase in benefits

Having information on certain profiles leads to an increase in benefits. For instance, predicting which sales candidates will have higher chances of success.

Reduction of costs

HR Managers have at their disposal clear and objective information to make decisions and take specific actions, thus saving costs. For instance, predicting success of candidates at an early stage of the recruitment process might save costs in the whole process.


Valuable information

Information of value for decision making processes that would significantly impact business.

Avoid losses

Analysing information from Human Resources departments may contribute to avoid losses. For instance, making a monthly prediction of absenteeism in different work shifts in a factory helps anticipating and hiring new staff for specific work shifts and dates, avoiding lower productivity.

Knowledge to take actions

Analysing non-causal relationships between multiple HR variables and variables from other departments or even from external data help organizations explain and predict unknown phenomena that were undiscovered or were hidden for the organisation.

Why choosing us for your HR Analytics project?

IIC provides a clear value-added service to HR Analytics projects:

  • We have over 25 years’ experience handling HR data and performing psychometric studies with the aim to explain and predict HR phenomena.
  • Our own team is composed of highly specialised and qualified psychologists, psychometricians and data scientists.
  • We count on first-hand experience in HR Analytics projects, which helps us learn from every project and incorporate new insights into the following ones, besides sharing successful case studies with some other organizations.
  • We help our clients during the whole process, especially on the first steps. We are aware of the novelty and complexity of our projects, and we can help you define realistic and clear projects to guarantee effectiveness.
  • We learn by working with every new client to improve our methodologies and algorithm models continuously, so our clients benefit themselves as their services are also improved.
  • We take part in groups and lines of research of the Psychometric Models and Applications Chair and the Data Science & Machine Learning Chair. Both of them belong to the UAM and are sponsored by IIC, and allow us introducing innovations in our projects and training our professionals.
  • We foster research and knowledge about HR Analytics: we publish HR posts, articles and news periodically, as well as posters in prestigious congresses.

Solutions implemented so far

We count on first-hand experience in HR Analytics projects focused on different aspects: predictive studies on employee turnover, recruitment success, and potential performance, sales representatives performance; automatic analysis of CVs, optimization of organisational structure, etc.

We have also worked with cutting-edge companies with a clear and specific objective with the aim to improve their own algorithm models or to create and train a brand-new model.

We have initiated some organisations into this kind of projects, helping them analyse the quality of data in order to determine the key questions that need to be solved.

We generate customised reports for clients according to their needs.