eLearning Library

The eLearning Library has been developed by IIC and contains a wide set of training and self-development resources on transversal competencies, aimed at improving and enhancing personal and professional effectiveness.

Users may learn key strategies on their own in order to confront several situations: leading teams, speaking in public, closing deals or making decisions.

What is the eLearning Library?

The eLearning Library is a collection of training content compiled by IIC psychologists, researchers and professionals as an aid to improve professional skills related to transversal competencies.

It contains training resources prepared to enhance personal and professional effectiveness in six key areas:


How does the eLearning Library work?

Companies may purchase a corporative license for all their employees or contract training itineraries where IIC psychologists expert in competencies have selected key contents for specific positions or profiles, such as young professionals, sales representatives or team managers. Likewise, itineraries may be created and customised for each enterprise.

Resources are available in Spanish and English and consist of clear, direct and simple texts, so they are easy to put into practice. The system integrating the resources has been designed to help employees find easily recommendations and advices to sort out everyday challenges. Resources can be checked directly on the system or may be downloaded to be checked and put into practice later on.

Itineraries may also be complemented by a mentoring service that guides students personally to achieve their training objectives.

Currently, it has over 200 resources in Spanish and English, in different formats:


Maps are a graphical representation of the concepts included in the strategic contents, and the relations between them.


Resources describe essential strategic contents to develop a specific skill or behaviour. These texts are also available in audio format.


Worksheets are a practical aid to train and self-evaluate how strategic contents have been put into practice.


Barriers represent behaviours or attitudes that hinder the development of a strategic ability in images.


Keys are a brief summary of the strategic contents.


Unidades mínimas de conocimiento (UMCs) are interactive pills that comprise theory and practice of a specific ability —only available in Spanish—. In only 30 minutes, UMCs allow reinforcing knowledge and putting into practice what has been learnt.


The eLearning Library offers:

Personal and professional development and independence

The eLearning Library provides users the strategic contents that are needed to face everyday situations immediately, so it is time-and-money-saving for the learning process in companies.

Training in competencies for all employees

All employees of an organization may access with only one license, so training for all the staff is easier.

Employees may access whenever and wherever they want

Online access makes it easier for employees to check the Library as it suits them best, without installing any kind of specific software.

Spanish and English version

Being offered in Spanish and in English, resources are a great tool to promote language learning among employees.

Guaranteed efficiency

The fact that IIC psychologists are specialised in personal and professional abilities contributed to the creation of the eLearning Library back in 2011. Designed according to different learning methodologies, and following a model that combines theory and practice, it has been used both in companies and universities.

Over 8,000 people have already used some of the training contents of the Library, either looking information up or using it as part of the material included in a specific training programme.

The system can be accessed from any type of device and at any time of the day. The technical soundness, along with a specialised technical support team, guarantees a very low number of incidences and a quick response time.

Besides, the mentoring services we offer to our clients to work closely with them promote the participation on the training program and make the learning process more dynamic.

Why invest in the eLearning Library?

The eLearning Library is a different product:

  • Training contents have been developed by a team of psychologists specialised in personal competencies, so quality and effectiveness are guaranteed.
  • Customised configuration allows companies to readjust to the training needs of certain employees from an area or all the organization.
  • The Head of HR may receive a report of the resources that employees have downloaded the most, and get to know objectively what are the training needs they demand the most to organise specific courses.
  • The customised mentoring service is aimed at encouraging the training process and obtaining the best results.

Solutions implemented so far

The eLearning Library has been used by big companies from the technology and communications sector as material to support the competencies development.

In addition, hundreds of students from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid have used the Library training contents every year since 2005 at the Programme for the Development of Competencies to promote their employment capacity and be successful in entering the labour market.

The training content has been compiled by a team of psychologists specialised in personal competencies.