Big Data Services

Solutions and services

Our solutions and services transform data into business value and achieve a competitive advantage, producing tangible profits as they save time, money and resources.

IIC currently offers solutions in the following environments:

Banking Environment

We develop solutions that allow financial institutions to make efficient real-time decisions. Our real-time fraud detection system for payments and our system for efficient cash management in Bank Branches are products focused in maximising savings for financial institutions. Our service goes beyond just placing software at the clients’ disposal, and we stay in close contact with clients while our products are being used, from the time they are implemented and through all the production process.

HR Environment

We have expertise in developing customised assessment and recruitment tests and preparing resources to develop professional skills. We also support companies in the challenge of evolving towards new HR management models, designing applications to assess and measure values.

Energy Environment

We provide services related to renewable energy production forecast, predictive maintenance, energy demand forecast and energy fraud detection to ensure a safe, economic and sustainable electric supply. Our solutions are used by Smart Grids agents such as Transmission System Operators (TSO), Distribution System Operators (DSO), energy producers, energy suppliers or energy efficiency companies.

Healthcare Environment

We apply our own data analysis techniques to the Healthcare environment with the purpose of optimising healthcare management, treatment and patient care, supporting personalized medicine. We offer alerts and recommendations services, prediction of needs, optimisation of resources, segmentation of patients and analysis of frequent attenders and over-prescribing physicians.

Digital Environment

We offer solutions based on social media monitoring and analysis to companies that want to know their positioning in social media to increase brand awareness, generate more loyal customers, measure online reputation, detect crisis, trends and opinion leaders. Besides, our press clipping solution permits our clients to keep informed about digital breaking news of their concern. We also perform customised studies of events, products launched or social events to help our clients take more competitive actions.

Customer Intelligence Environment

Big Data technologies are used to offer companies new information about their users or final clients, for instance, which users are more likely to adopt or abandon a product or customer segments sharing similar behaviour or interests, to make strategic business decisions. We offer our clients solutions to create a successful customer journey and suggest the most suitable solution for each situation, improving customer experience and promoting loyalty to the brand.

We transform data from any sector into business opportunities.