Companies using Big Data for their business and relationship with clients increase both productivity and benefits if they know how to make the best of data available from their clients: preferences, habits, profiles…

What is CIS?

Customer Intelligence Solutions (CIS) is a consultancy service based on mathematical models illustrating or predicting consumers’ behaviour. These models learn from the actions of clients and users, and may incorporate not only the analysis of what they say but also the influence they might have over their social circle.

CIS integrates information about users —sociodemographic and psychological profiles— with all individual and social data obtained from their activity, as well as data from external sources (social networks, economic indicators or weather forecast). On the basis of these data, new variables and mathematical models are generated to explain and predict a pattern of behaviour. Results contribute to obtain a full profile of the client, find out hidden segments on the basis of their social relations or opinions of the product, or predict the customer lifecycle, among others.

How does CIS work?


CIS is implemented in three stages


We select the most relevant information about a client’s profile and the data sources available depending on each company’s needs.

  • Client’s profile. Behaviour and location are analysed:
    • Individual behaviour: who it is, what items are bought, webpages visited or comments on social media…
    • Social behaviour: who the people recommended are, who he/she calls, products shared, interactions on social media, etc.
    • Geolocation information: where they live, buy, tweet…
  • Data sources. It will be analysed which data sources are available within and out of the company.
    • Internal sources: CRM, Data Warehouse, web access logs, phone calls, geoposition…
    • External and public sources: Social media, weather forecast, work calendar, economic indicators…


We design a solution on the basis of the data collected about the clients and the technology requirements.

  • Data selection. Using found out information about clients, we transform available data into relevant information that permits a more efficient business management, as it can be employed to enhance the CRM, among others.
  • Selection of infrastructure. According to the volume, speed and variety of data, as well as the clients’ preferences, we will select the most suitable Big Data technology (Hadoop, Storm, MongoDB, ElasticSearch…).


We prepare a report of our conclusions, and apply whatever was learnt.

  • Reports. Results obtained are described in detail in a document including an executive summary with information on the factors causing product adoption or abandonment or the variables explaining the processes we are going through.
  • Simulation of scenarios. Results may also be automatically processed in an online customised application to perform simulations of scenarios, if requested. Besides, the information generated will be incorporated to the information tools and systems of the company itself.


CIS provides a competitive advantage to our clients:

It allows increasing sales

  • Gain new clients: identify early adopters, focus campaigns on similar users who are already loyal to the brand or aim at customers unhappy with a competitor according to their interests and opinions.
  • Increase sales to current clients: support customer loyalty actions according to their interests, geolocation, opinions, etc.
  • Plan cross and direct selling: detect potential clients with similar profiles to the company’s clients and adapt the message to them, considering the evolution of their buying habits.

It helps retain customers

  • Adopt new customer loyalty strategies, adjust prices for loyal clients and put into practice policies for the retention of groups of clients, depending on volume of activity and influence.

It is money saving

  • Integrating data helps find the best way to organise staff and opening times, improve the demand forecast and optimise marketing and communication campaigns.

Guaranteed efficiency

Drawing on years of experience analysing data integrated from different sources, and on our ability to find personalised solutions to specific needs of business, we apply our expertise in multiple technologies: Big Data, algorithms, machine learning, social network analysis, text analysis and natural language processing, etc.

Why invest in CIS?

CIS allows understanding the client and the market or business sector better. CIS helps our clients carry out more effective actions related to their own customers, and involves a direct impact on the price, quality and time spent for consumers.

  • Price:
    • ROI improvement, since it is possible to take corrective measures according to the customer behaviour.
    • Optimisation of marketing and communication campaigns.
    • Detection of new selling opportunities and adjustment of the offer.
  • Quality:
    • Better characterization of the user incorporating new variables and mathematical models.
    • Higher accuracy in users segmentations, considering real activity variables.
  • Time:
    • Reduction of the time spent for client segmentation.
    • Automatic extraction of the client profile, resulting in a quick adaptation of the information to the consumer’s needs.

CIS helps us detect new selling opportunities and adjustment of the offer.