Lynguo Trends

Nowadays the technological revolution has led communication agencies and public relations officers to control a higher flow of information about their brand and environment every day, adjusting to online world and social networks immediacy. In this sense, following press media and blogs and elaborating press clipping have become indispensable to check trends and be up to date on the areas of interest.

What is Lynguo Trends?

Lynguo Trends is a press clipping application developed by Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (IIC) to monitor digital media: online news, social networks, TV, online radio…, to offer companies a selection of this information according to the client’s needs.

The application permits to keep track of the impact news has on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in particular news searched by the client. Customized configuration and real-time listening allow clients to make the best of information and observe the evolution of media on social networks.

How does Lynguo Trends work?

Lynguo Trends selects, classifies and organises media news and blogs:

  • Tracks news in real time from the main digital media sources —TV and radio included— and national and international blogs.
  • It can be accessed online 24 hours.
  • Selects, classifies and organises news according to the searches of the client.
  • Offers a ranking of the most viral news sources on social networks.
  • News can be filtered according to multiple categories.
  • Generates dynamic reports in PDF format where news can be organised, edited and added, and include topics previously selected by clients.
  • Contains a dashboard summarising the impact measurements.
  • Allows performing historical searches.


Lynguo Trends allows our clients:

To keep informed

To keep informed about breaking news of their concern.

To select digital media

To select digital media of concern for your business.

To measure news impact

To measure news impact on social networks.

To analyse presence

To analyse presence of your brand.

To know the trends

To know the trends of the company’s sector.

To create interesting content

To create interesting content to position your brand.

Guaranteed efficiency

Lynguo Trends tracks news associated to client interests from the main digital media sources and blogs. Configuration options, supported by natural language processing techniques, help extract the most relevant news for the client, thus simplifying the process of searching and selecting. In addition, it is possible to check which social network has the greatest impact. IIC team of experts work closely and support the client during the whole process.

Why invest in Lynguo Trends?

  • Time saving: Millions pieces of news are generated every day on national and international media press sources. Being up to date of news that really concern a company or performing news searches on the main media requires applications that permit recovering information quickly. Lynguo Trends selects, classifies and organises the most relevant news, reducing considerably the time that would otherwise be needed to do it.
  • Customized configuration: Every client is unique. They have their own interests and needs. The Institute counts on a team of computational linguists who work on cutting-edge technologies to provide reliability and effectiveness to an application that offers a configuration which can be adjusted to the client’s needs.
  • Working closely with the client: Lynguo Trends has been designed to be easily adapted to the modifications suggested by the client according to changing needs.

Opinion about brands in social networks is key for current business strategies.