Our mission at Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (IIC) is primarily based on research. Professionals who integrate IIC team ensure that the research carried out and the solutions and services resulting meet the clients’ needs and use the innovative approach and the highest scientific and technological quality.

Our intention is to count on a higher number of researchers, go on studying and applying results to the innovations we are working on.

Gain Knowledge

Apply Knowledge

Committed to innovation, which is our mission, we promote the creation of University Chairs to focus research on the needs arising from our projects. As a consequence, at the moment we hold several University Chairs at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) to accomplish projects focused on research, innovation, training and diffusion of our activities: the Data Science & Machine Learning Chair and the Psychometric Models and Applications Chair.

We hold research and collaboration agreements with both universities and companies, helping us to get more researchers for our projects and to connect with public and private research groups to enhance our projects and offer better solutions.

Likewise, we count on professionals involved in teaching at the university, both at graduate and postgraduate level, keeping an active role in teaching the latest advances and technological trends.

Research developed by IIC is characterised by focusing on applications. When planning every innovation project with our clients, we perform a previous research to guarantee that our solution is updated with the latest scientific and technological advances. This work starts by analysing articles and thesis about the topic, goes on reviewing the state-of-art, and finishes elaborating prototypes using the latest technologies.

Along with a scientific knowledge of data analysis techniques and tools, our works always present a profound knowledge of the business from the organizations we collaborate and work with. Merging technology, analytics and experience with clients allows us to obtain from our research applied scientific knowledge and translate it into highly advanced technical solutions, which can be quickly used by the organizations we work with, and are way ahead of standard products on the market.

Share Innovation

Transferring knowledge to society is among our objectives, and it is a purpose we share with universities, so our presence in congresses and conferences, publications in specialised media, elaboration of posters and whitepapers and our seminars and technological days are useful to present the research lines and advances we develop at IIC.

We promote the creation of University Chairs to focus research on the needs arising from our projects.