At IIC we have developed PODIUM, an online test for individual and organizational values assessment to be used for recruitment and reviews within a framework of Management by Values in HR.

What is the values assessment PODIUM?

PODIUM is a tool for values assessment that offers an objective measure of aspects regarded as relevant and desirable at work in order to attain the strategic mission of the company successfully. From a multidimensional perspective, results of the assessment come from three different sources: perception of individual values, perception of organizational values and the links between them.

PODIUM consists of three self-report scales that assess several aspects of personal values and the values regarded by an individual as relevant for the organization.

The content of the test is based on behavioural evidences and offers an objective and reliable measure of the following variables:

  • The individual’s perception of the degree of adjustment or coherence between their personal values and the values of the organization.
  • Hierarchy of individual and organizational values and alignment and similarities between them.
  • Coherence of action between individual and organizational values mentioned and actual behaviour.

How does PODIUM work?

Depending on the objective of the assessment process, the HR Manager may choose:

  • a customised configuration of the scales the test consists of, according to the indicators needed (perception of adjustment, hierarchy of values or coherence of action).
  • pre-setting the corporate values to be measured in order to find out the degree of adjustment of the person in respect of them.

There are several different applications according to the needs of the assessment process:

Individual assessment

The tool generates a customised report automatically, including the most relevant results, findings and inconsistencies in regards to making decisions about a candidate or employee.

Organizational assessment

On the basis of individual assessments, IIC experts perform a joint analysis of results and prepare a report on the most relevant findings to respond to objectives and needs of the assessment process.

In both cases, the person who makes the assessment may connect to the Internet and conduct the assessment process assigned from any device and at any time of the day.

PODIUM is computerised and generates an automatic report including an interpretation of the most relevant results and conclusions for decision-making in HR processes.


PODIUM provides:

Accuracy and reliability

PODIUM offers an assessment of values based on aligned and observable behavioural evidences, which is an objective measure of the usual way of thinking, feeling or behaving at work in respect of the values assessed.

Customised configuration

As the test consists of different scales, the assessment may be configured depending on the needs, objectives and culture of the organization.

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Multidimensional model

The assessment may be approached from an individual’s or group’s point of view, offers an integral vision of the system of organizational and individual values, and of the adjustment between them.

Core values

The IIC team has conducted a study and review of several classifications of values to identify the set of core values to be assessed, including personal, pragmatic and social ones, which represent the culture and principles of any individual or organization.

Why invest in the values assessment PODIUM?

  • It offers an innovating assessment model to respond to new trends of HR management by values and it represents the ideal complement to the traditional paradigm of management and assessment by competencies.
  • It enhances the company’s employer brand: the humanist concept of talent management is at the head of the market, given the need of managing complexity, uncertainty and change in business.
  • It offers continuous support and advice from personnel specialised in design and configuration of the values assessment process, helping HR managers identify the focus of the assessment and advising them to select the indicators to be evaluated.
  • The IIC team turns findings of the assessment into useful knowledge for clients, with the purpose of finding out the extent to which the implementation of corporate values is being effective and, in particular, to detect the main gaps.
  • The software is 100% IIC, which makes it easy to adapt and configure the assessment according to each client’s needs.
  • The assessment test is flexible and easy to use, available in a platform supported by IIC, where the administrator may manage the whole process: customise the test, assign final users, monitor the process and visualize results.
  • The IIC ensures that the personal data protection is rigorously followed regarding the information incorporated into the system.

PODIUM is an innovating assessment model to respond to new trends of HR management by values.