Programmes with universities

At IIC we have carried out different programmes with universities, initiatives specially aimed at University students and recent graduates —to promote their entering the labour market— and the administration and services staff —to promote their professional development.

Who are these Programmes for?

These programmes are specially aimed at master students or recent graduates of any degree to develop their competencies, personal abilities which are needed for any type of position, so that they improve their probabilities to find a job.

What do these Programmes include?

The flexibility of the e-learning methodology makes it easier for users of each programme to work the reference behaviours associated to the most demanded competencies in the professional environment: creativity and innovation, team work, communication and influence, professional commitment, flexibility and adaptation or entrepreneurship.

Solutions implemented so far

The competencies development programme for universities has been implemented successfully in different academic institutions.  It is worth mentioning that currently, the programme Programa de Desarrollo de Competencias ADIC-UAM —in collaboration with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid— has been running since 2005 and around 8,000 students have already tried it.

Over 8,000 students have already tried the programme at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid since 2005.