Profiles Assessments

Profiles Assessments

IIC counts on a team of HR expert psychologists who have created a series of packs for online evaluation of transversal competencies and adaptation of people evaluated to specific professional profiles according to the most demanded professional skills of the labour market nowadays.


  50 minutes

Test oriented to detect professionals with initiative to take responsibilities and calculated risks.

Several assessment methodologies are used to provide information on key entrepreneurial aspects: initiative, self-confidence, decision-making, risk-taking and tendency to assume challenges.

Call Center Profile

  35 minutes

Test designed to help make decisions on recruitment of candidates to work on Contact Centres.

It provides a measure of general intelligence that allows screening, as well as a whole personality profile focused on flexible attitudes and customer service.

Customer Service

  35 minutes

Test aimed at assessing the skills that are required for positions where a customer-friendly approach is essential.

As a supplement to the personal interview, a profile interpretation is offered displaying client orientation and some personality aspects involved in personal relationships.

Young Professionals

  50 minutes

Test designed for recruitment processes to assess junior professionals.

The assessment provides an overview of the personality profile and a measure of general intelligence, two aspects that are closely related to performance. It also includes information on the behavioural profile: results orientation, responsibility-taking and team work skills.

Team Managers

  45 minutes

Test developed for the assessment of senior professionals who are expected to take on leadership roles or who might do it in the future.

The assessment lets us know the potential of the person evaluated to manage a work team having into account self-confidence, responsibility-taking, people management and development and the tendency to assume challenging objectives.

High Potential

  80 minutes

Test oriented to assess highly talented professionals who give an excellent performance in different situations, in contrast to people leading similar or equivalent roles.

Allows checking the ability of the person assessed to succeed in whatever he/she aims at, dealing with aspects such as self-confidence, persuasion, flexibility, initiative or ability to learn.

Basic Professional Profile

  20 minutes

Test oriented to help make decisions in recruitment processes for positions that do not require a specific qualification.

It provides a measure of general intelligence and a personality profile based on the Big Five model, which allows screening in recruitment processes.

Sales Representatives

  75 minutes

Test oriented to identify the abilities associated to reaching success at the commercial activity.

Several methodologies offer a profile assessment based on aspects such as results orientation, challenging objectives, client orientation, persuasion and impact and taking responsibilities.

Full Competencies Profile: Prisma 4D

  30 minutes

Test conceived to get a full competencies profile of the person evaluated. On the basis of the Great Eight Competencies, the questionnaire deals with four core ideas: skills, training, experience and preferences.

It gives an insight into the level a person shows regarding the following competencies: Leading and Making Decisions, Support and Cooperation, Interacting and Introducing, Analysing and Interpreting, Creating and Conceptualising, Organising and Executing, Adaptation and Confronting, and Entrepreneurship and Taking Actions.

Benefits of the profiles assessment

Packs offer, among other benefits:

A work profile

A work profile of the person evaluated that is highly related to professional performance: Intelligence, personality and behavioural styles.

An executive summary

An executive summary of the scores will be shown in a report right after the test.


Indications for the interview based on the scores of the person evaluated.

Level obtained

A comprehensive description of the level obtained and the execution of each one of the tests, according to each competency profile.

Specific guidelines

Specific guidelines for development: description of the strong points and recommendations on the areas for development of the person evaluated.


Questions for the person evaluated to consider and develop.

Packs to evaluate candidates according to specific professional profiles.