Demand Forecast Service

We offer a service that performs energy demand hourly forecasts, mainly directed towards energy suppliers. In order to provide a suitable and efficient service, suppliers need to know how the demand for the product will evolve to stock up on it.

Therefore, it is very important to get an accurately forecasted hourly demand to manage energy buying and selling.

What is the Demand Forecast Service about?

The demand forecast service issues an hourly demand forecast of up to 10 days. Forecasts may be issued at client’s level (according to Universal Supply Point Codes) or in a combination of subsystems and rates, according to the user’s criteria.

With the aim of issuing predictions, the service considers weather forecasts, information about demand, location and types of contract or whether it is a working day, among others.

Then hourly forecasts are generated and updated as soon as new information is received. The system also issues forecasts for those Universal Supply Point Codes for which there is no historical information about.

Why invest in the Demand Forecast Service?

Suppliers must manage energy buying and selling successfully to provide their clients with a good service and make the highest profits. To do so, it is necessary to have an excellent demand forecast service that works both for individual clients and groups of clients, with hourly frequency and very low errors on forecasts.

The system, developed with our own technology by the IIC team of experts, is a fully automatic system and designed for self-learning. Besides, it can be adapted, enhanced and renewed according to the needs of our clients.

Energy hourly demand forecasts, up to 10 days.